Sculpture in Wood | Wood

Pair in Cherry Wood

Availability is the main criteria for the wood to be used for each sculpture.

Usually purchased unseasoned and left to season naturally for three-five years.

WALNUT – carves well but is extremely difficult to obtain. The attractiveness of the grain and colour makes it well worth searching for.

CHERRY – Usually only available in small sizes. Carves well with an attractive honey colour.

OAK – tough to carve and has a very open grain.

SYCAMORE/MAPLE – a white wood. Can have a wavy grain, producing an attractive rippled figure.

YEW – carves and turns well, with an excellent finish, showing an attractive orange colour. It is difficult to find of any size without defects. More usually used for veneers.

Although seasoned, wooden sculptures need to be kept away from direct sunlight, as the colour can be bleached out, and there is a risk that small hairline cracks can appear in the end grain.